Stacknotes by Stacklist:

B2B Customer Acquisition

Key strategies, tactics and & takeaways from our conversation with 

  • Daniel Chait, Co-Founder & CEO of Greenhouse
  • Vivek Sharma, Founder & CEO of Movable Ink
  • Alex Shasou, Co-Founder & President of Alice
  • Alex Tryon, Head of Marketing at TheMuse

"Never take yourself out of the sales process."

- Alex Shashou, Co-founder and President of ALICE

What are Stacknotes?

A few months ago we started hosting founder panels here in NYC. We get the smartest entrepreneurs in Silicon Alley to discuss topics from HR, marketing, sales, and more to help other entrepreneurs and founders. 

Stacknotes are all of the key insights and advice from our panels in an easy-to-read and actionable guide.

Learn everything you need to know about B2B sales. We highlighted the best advice from our panelists.

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